FluidPowerTraining.net (owned by Doc's Hydraulic-Pneumatic Training LLC.) is your new Internet source for Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Training Schools and components. With over 35 years of combined experience in the fluid power industry, our staff of skilled technicians are competent and eager to assist in providing your company with the highest level of training.
Our goal is to offer a site that represents our continued commitment to the improvement in Fluid Power knowledge while promoting "Best Practices" in our industry. We will do this by providing expanded product features and options that are currently not available from other more generic sites. We offer components from proportional valves to accumulators that can be used for applications or additions to your schools training tools. Our product listings are easy to use with highly technical information for the use of a designer or maintenance personnel. We strive to offer a unique mixture of components from the most popular manufacturers at a better then competitive price. Our complete commitment to customer service includes assist before and after the sale.
Doc's Hydraulic-Pneumatic Training is unique in the industry because we not only supply completed Hydraulic and Pneumatic trainers, but also offer schools with the opportunity to purchase U-BUILD Pneumatic trainers. This allows the school to purchase all the necessary components (fittings included) and have students mount them using their imagination and resources. The result is a considerable cost savings to the customer.
The main thrust of our company is training. Our experiences include all major Fluid Power Manufacturing companies (Vickers, Parker, Rexroth, Denison, etc), so we can custom fit and mold the training to your equipment. We are very proud of the information we provide to customers on Hydraulic Trouble Shooting, Basic Hydraulics, Proportional and Servo School, Fluid Power Society Certification Reviews, Pneumatic Training, and Aro Logic schools. Once our school is over, we do follow-up training with reviews.
As an added convenience we can provide on site training for as few as 3 people in our mobile training lab.
Our main instructor has Fluid Power Society Certifications as Fluid Power Accredited Instructor (#3726-R2), Fluid Power Pneumatic Specialist (#3725-R2), Fluid Power Specialist (#2764-R2), and Fluid Power Master Technician (#8881-R2, Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic (#3930-R2), Authorized Job Performance Proctor (12696-R)
Please feel free to contact us with any questions on schools or inquiries you may have on Complete Trainers or needed components.
Contact information:
Darryl Powell at Doc's Hydraulic-Pneumatic Training
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