FLeX Series 2-way, 2-stage, solenoid-operated directional poppet valve with reverse flow check - flow 2-1

211DIN 43650-Form A, 115 VAC,  Sun FleX Series Valve T-162A Cavity 2-Way N.C. 5000psi Directional Poppet Valve Solenoid Pilot Operated, 115 Vac Coil No Manual Override with reverse flow check flow 2-1, Buna-N Seal  HAVE AAJ  SAE -8  VALVE BODY  10 GPM

AAJ Body Type Line mountLine mount Interface Body Features Ninety degreeNinety degree Mounting Hole Diameter .28 in.7,1 mm Mounting Hole Depth ThroughThrough Mounting Hole Quantity 11 Open Cavities 11 Cavity T-162A Port Size SAE 8SAE 8